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Ask the mechanic: How do I know when to change my fan belt?

The fan belt is attached to a pulley, or series of pulleys, and turns your radiator fan at enough speed to draw outside air into the radiator. The belt is sometimes used for additional vehicle components, including power steering, air conditioning and the alternator. How do you know when the fan belt requires changing? If…
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Ask The Mechanic: When should I get new brakes?

Sometimes motorists are clueless when it comes to brakes on their cars and do not know what the signs are for when their brakes need replacing. There are far too many motorists who will forget to get their brakes looked at. This is extremely dangerous and could result in an accident. Brakes are a safety…
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Ask the mechanic: How do I change brake pads?

There are a number of car repairs that people can do on their own which can be a big money saver. Among them is replacing brake pads. This repair takes a little effort, but the cash you save will make it all worthwhile. Here are the steps to change your brake pads: Loosen the log…
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