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Tyre Centre

One of the most important components in any vehicle is the tyres. Many drivers don't realise what a difference tyres make, not only to safety, but also to performance, fuel economy and drivability. Once you've chosen the right set of tyres for your car, it's vital to maintain them regularly and replace them as soon as they're no longer reliable. Here at our tyre centre, we can provide you with a great deal on high-quality tyres and all the services you need to make sure they last as long as possible.

Tyres and safety

The ONLY point of contact that your car has with the road is its tyres. And each tyre contains just one hand print's worth of tread. Despite its small area, this tread is crucial to keeping you on the road, because it's what gives the tyres traction. Once the tread has worn down, a car can become difficult, if not impossible, to control, especially on wet surfaces. In extreme conditions, a layer of water can develop between the tyres and the ground, causing the car to aquaplane.

What's more, it's actually illegal in Australia to drive on tyres with a tread level of less than 1.5 millimetres. Breaking this law can mean significant penalties. To minimise danger to yourself, your passengers and other road users, it's important to pay attention.

How do you know if your tyres are safe?

Firstly, you should keep an eye on tread level. If you look closely at your tyres, you'll notice that they're covered in tread grooves. At the bottom of these are tread wear indicator bars. When the tread has become worn, the bars will appear on the same level as the tread ribs - and you'll know it's time for a tyre replacement.

Then, of course, there's accidents, as well as general wear and tear. If you notice changes in any tyre-related aspect of driving, such as a reduction in traction, especially when turning corners or braking, or unexplained vibrations coming from the wheels, then it's definitely time for a visit to our tyre centre. You might have hit a pothole and caused some damage without realising it, or your tyres might be wearing out.

How do you maintain your tyres?

By maintaining your tyres, you can significantly increase their lifespan. Make sure that you check air levels regularly, always inflating your tyres to the PSI (pounds per square inch) suggested.

Here at our tyre centre, we provide a range of services to help you with tyre maintenance. You may be aware that tyres wear at varying rates, depending on vehicle and position. So one way of making them last longer is by having them rotated on a regular basis - swapping the front ones with those on the back is very effective. This should happen every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres.

It's also important to have your wheels balanced and aligned. Wheels that are out-of-kilter can cause wear and tear on a particular section of your tyres. One obvious sign of an unbalanced wheel is a vibrating steering column, while poor alignment might be demonstrated by a vehicle's tendency to veer off the road. We suggest that you pop into our tyre centre for an alignment if you notice any of these problems, or every 10,000 kilometres.

What kind of tyres should you buy?

Our highly-experienced tyre experts can help you decide which tyres are best for your vehicle - whether you drive a family wagon, a zippy sports car or a four wheel drive. With decades of industry experience behind us, we've developed the expertise and resources necessary to catering to a wide range of clients and vehicles. We're passionate about matching the right tyres with the right cars.

How can you get a good deal on tyres?

tyreThe good news is that great tyres don't have to cost the earth. We sell a range of cheap tyres, which come at affordable prices, but without compromising on reliability. They're made to keep you safe on the road for a long time, while making sure that your vehicle performs as well as it can.

You might also be interested to know that, from time to time, we hold our tyre sale. Plenty of our regular clients drop in to nab a bargain or two - and because we know their vehicles so well, we're able to provide the advice they need to score a great price.

Questions about our tyre centre?

Do you have any questions about tyre safety or maintenance? Are you wondering whether or not it's time to replace your tyres? Do you need some advice? If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly, expert team members are here to help you out. Call us at (02) 9419 2195, make a booking  on our site or send us an email today.