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Pink Slips

Do I Need a Pink Slip?

pic-4New South Wales motorists are required to have an e-safety check, better known colloquially as a “Pink Slip”, when registering a motor vehicle in NSW. It is a serious offense to operate an unregistered vehicle in NSW, and doing so can result in fines and prosecution. Ensuring that cars are safe to operate on roads and motorways is a major part of the registration process. It has proven to be very effective in reducing accidents and saving lives by keeping unsafe vehicles off the motorways. The e-safety check in conjunction with compulsory third-party insurance not only cuts back on the number of accidents, but also covers those involved in the event of personal injury.

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Different E-Safety Inspections

Pink Slip

Provided by all authorized inspection stations (AIS,) a Pink Slip is proof that your vehicle has been inspected and conforms to NSW safety standards.

It’s required for registration if your vehicle is three years old or after receiving a registration renewal requiring an annual e-safety check.

E-Safety Check

The Pink Slip is converted to an e-safety check at the authorized inspection station and electronically sent to the RTA confirming that the inspection has been successfully completed.

Upon completion of an e-safety check, you can renew your rego online or by phone, however, if the inspection turns up necessary repairs, a white slip will be issued if repairs are not completed.

White Slip

A White Slip presented at the AIS denotes a failed e-safety inspection and the type of repairs needed. It will be necessary to complete the repairs and present the vehicle to the same AIS facility to confirm completion before rego can be accomplished.

Upon receipt of a White Slip, you may operate the vehicle to and from the point of repair by the shortest route only.

If you are stopped with an unregistered vehicle, you will receive a hefty fine of $1,007 for an uninsured and unregistered vehicle, and on top of that, you will receive four demerit points on your license.

Should you need to go to court due to other issues at the time of the stop, the court can impose up to a $2,200 fine, plus $5,500 for driving uninsured. Regardless of the repair cost, it isn’t worth it.

Blue Slip

The Blue Slip identifies an otherwise difficult-to-identify vehicle. It is used for written-off vehicles and is designed to identify stolen vehicles. Many vehicles are imported or brought in that were stolen, and sometimes the identification plates installed from wrecked vehicles are then bought at auction.

In addition, the inclusion of design checks to ensure that the vehicle meets safety in design and construction standards.

You also need a Blue Slip to register an interstate vehicle in NSW.

Vehicular Categories Requiring Inspection by a Repco Authorized Examiner

  • New vehicles (The dealer usually handles this prior to delivery.)
  • Transferring ownership of a vehicle over five years old
  • Transferring an out-of-state registration, regardless of the age of the vehicle
  • Prior to re-registering a vehicle for which the registration has expired over 12 months ago
  • A defect notice has been issued

NSW however, does random spot inspections intended to identify vehicles with unacceptable defects, whether occupied or not.

If defects are recognized, a notice of defect will be issued to the owner. In response, the owner must comply within 14 days and have a full e-safety check by an authorized regro facility to clear the notice. If the owner doesn’t comply within this period, his or her registration will be suspended, and he or she must tow the vehicle.

Green Slip

A Green Slip is compulsory motorcar insurance covering both parties against injuries sustained as well as property damage.

Pink Slip Costs

A Pink Slip or Vehicle Safety Check is $37.40, also inclusive of GST. Owners must ensure that they only use an authorized station. If the station is not accredited, the inspection is worthless. To make a booking at Reliance Auto Centre, just click here.

E-Safety Check When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

img-5Purchase your vehicle in the state in which you reside. This involves the e-safety check and some transfer fees. By doing this, you will get a refund of $50 per month for outstanding registration fees from NSW. Drive the vehicle to the state from which it came to transfer the registration, and forego the cost of a new e-safety check. When you are purchasing a used vehicle out of state to be registered in NSW, you can bargain for a lower price to offset the NSW registration cost.

The last two decades have redefined automotive technology and its associated maintenance. The average vehicle has no less than 15 on-board computers operating virtually all systems, not to mention the hundreds of miles of wiring. Today’s automotive engineer is no longer a mechanic but rather more like a structural engineer, a highly trained individual, well-versed in computer technology, electronics and diagnostic procedures and strategies. Throwing parts at the problem until it’s solved can be very costly given the cost of late model automobiles. Never allow uncertified hands under the bonnet.

Reliance Auto Centre in Chatswood is an advanced service facility, capable of highly technical repairs on all late model vehicles. Owned and operated by the Sarkissian family for over 35 years, our success is a result of our serious approach to maintaining the highest level of training in all the latest technology. Supported by the most advanced diagnostic tools, we are the most reliable facility to service such any of today's modern vehicles. At Reliance Auto Centre, we offer every facet of auto repair and are an authorized AIS facility, located in the heart of Chatswood. Our friendly and courteous staff will walk you through the e-safety check process to get your rego.

Pink Slip Inspection

For a pink slip inspection, call Reliance Auto Centre at (02) 9419 2195, or make a booking online by clicking here.