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Scheduled Servicing

Driving habits differ and therefore so do the service requirements for your vehicle. You should be servicing your vehicle based either on time or distance, whichever occurs first.

pic-11At RELIANCE AUTO CENTRE, we recommend you service your vehicle according to the recommended time or distance based service intervals. Even though you may not have travelled the distance, the engine has been working hard during those short, stop-start trips, such as city driving. When the engine doesn't get up to optimal operating temperature for a sufficient period of time, it's not burning off the by-products of combustion. This may lead to a reduction in the oil's efficiency to lubricate, which, in turn can lead to premature engine wear. Irregular servicing will also lead to reduced fuel efficiency and there’s even the possibility of costly engine repairs.

During scheduled services our highly trained technicians perform inspections of your braking system, condition and wear of your tyres, driveline and steering components.
Keeping to the recommended service schedule also helps to preserve and maintain the Performance, Safety and Retained Value of your vehicle.