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Ask The Mechanic: When should I get new brakes?

Sometimes motorists are clueless when it comes to brakes on their cars and do not know what the signs are for when their brakes need replacing. There are far too many motorists who will forget to get their brakes looked at. This is extremely dangerous and could result in an accident.

Brakes are a safety issue and because a pink slip in Sydney is compulsory in order to register your car, most cars in NSW are unlikely to have faulty brakes. As a mechanic who specialises in performing inspections on vehicles that require a pink slip, I will not pass a vehicle with faulty brakes.

In any case, let’s get back to the issue at hand. The following information should give you some idea whether you should bring your vehicle to the workshop for an inspection.

Consider the following questions and advice:

When were your brakes replaced last?

How many kilometres has the vehicle done since then?

Do you drive a manual or automatic car?

Automatic cars usually need their brakes replaced more often than manual cars. In a manual car, you can use the gears to slow the car down, whereas in an automatic car, you will use your brakes more.

Is there a grinding sound when you push down on the brake pedal?

This is the most obvious clue that something is wrong with your brakes. If you are hearing a grinding sound, you should contact me as soon as possible, as it is likely your brakes need immediate attention. Hearing a grinding sound is not good news, this often means you will need your discs or rotors replaced.

Most cars these days have disc brakes, so if you can catch the problem with your brakes before you hear that awful grinding sound, it might mean only the brake pads need to be replaced, which is not overly expensive - depending on the car.

Does your car pull to one side or is the steering wheel shaking or vibrating?

This might not be about your brakes, but you should still book your car in so I can take a look. The above things should not be happening with your car.

Are you hearing a squeaking sound when you apply the brakes?

This might be an early warning that your brakes need replacing, so you should get it looked at.

Do you feel as though you need to push down on the brake pedal a lot harder than usual, or do your brakes feel spongy?

Do you have a brake light on your dash that is illuminated?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, or you have noticed the signs discussed above, book your vehicle in for a check up.

Your brakes can be inspected by us at Reliance Auto Centre. We also specialise in pink slips for Sydney drivers and if your brakes are faulty, we can replace them for you. Contact our friendly mechanics on (02) 9419 2195 or use our handy contact form.

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