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Ask the mechanic: why isn't my air conditioning working?

If there is a limited amount of air conditioned air flowing from the air vents in your car, or no air coming out at all even when you have your air conditioning dial fully turned up, there is a problem with your car’s air conditioning. This is a dire position to be in, in the midst of Sydney’s sweltering summer heat, and a problem you need fixed as soon as possible before the damage worsens and the cost of repair increases.

There are five main parts in each car’s air conditioning system: the refrigerant (Freon), the compressor, the expansion valve, the condenser, and the evaporator. The compressor pumps out the refrigerant, known as a Freon, a chemical gas that reduces in cold temperature. The condenser turns this Freon into liquid form, while the evaporator dries the liquid, transforming it into the cold air that cools down your car. The expansion valve takes pressure off the condensed refrigerant (Freon), moving it into the evaporator.

Purchase a fluorescent dye from a professional car repair service in Sydney, such as Reliance Auto Centre, to see if the Freon is leaking. You can run this dye through your car’s air conditioning canister and use a UV light to detect any leaks. If you see nothing wrong here, you can look for broken wires, a broken fuse or a broken fan belt. If these are the source of your air conditioning problem, they are easy to replace.

It could be possible that your car has overheated, run out of Freons, or the motor is slowly burning out. The last thing you want at the end of your work day is to be stuck in Sydney’s traffic in the summer heat without air conditioning cooling your car and your nerves. If you have followed the above suggestions and still can't detect the reason behind your air conditioning’s failure, book your car in to see a Sydney mechanic at Reliance Auto Centre.

Here at Reliance Auto Centre, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify your problem and take care of it for you.

Photo: ...and it just got hotter. It's 46°C now. by Dushan and Miae licensed under Creative commons 5

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