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Ask the Mechanic: Why are wheel alignments so important?

Having a wheel alignment done to your vehicle is often forgotten about by many motorists. The truth is that wheel alignments are very important and we, as motorists, are often unaware of how important it is to make sure one is done. While most of us will wait until we need new tyres, it is usually a good idea to have one done on a more regular basis, given that tyres are often only replaced every two to three years, depending on how many kilometres that car is driven in a year.

Regular wheel alignments will often increase the life of the car’s tyres, so asking your mechanic to keep an eye on your wheels will benefit you in the long run. A wheel alignment should probably be carried out during each service, but often there are many other maintenance issues that we are more concerned with regarding our cars and we tend to forget about this essential job.

A wheel alignment at least every 12 months will ensure the vehicle is safer to drive. The vehicle will handle the road effectively, safely and will take corners more smoothly; it won't veer off centre if we happen to lose concentration for a few seconds. Hitting the gutter accidentally or a pot hole on the road can cause the wheels to be uneven and a wheel alignment should be done if this happens.

If the car’s steering wheel is off centre, it is a sure sign that a wheel alignment is needed and it really should be taken care of as soon as possible, as this can be dangerous. Is the car pulling to the left or right too much? This means that getting your wheels aligned should happen, sooner rather than later. It also could be a sign of other problems, so we should not ignore these things.

Keeping an eye on this will often save on fuel consumption, so this is an excellent reason to have the mechanic perform this task on a regular basis. Wheel alignments are also important for the simple fact that if the wheels are uneven, the tyres will wear unevenly, which is definitely not good for fuel consumption or better handling on the road.

When it comes time to get the inevitable pink slip for registration each year, a wheel alignment will probably be needed if the wheels are not straight. Uneven wheels are a safety issue and the rules of checking a vehicle for road worthiness require all safety issues to be rectified.

As a tyre outlet in Sydney, we at Auto Reliance Centre offer wheel alignments and many other mechanical services, including scheduled servicing. If your car needs a little tender loving care, book in with us online or contact our friendly staff on 02 9419 2195 for more information on car repairs in Sydney.

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