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Ask the Mechanic: What should I do before a road trip?

Summer is here, and it’s one of the most popular times to hit the road for a holiday. But before you start packing the kids into the car and plugging in the GPS, run through these top tips to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Give your car some TLC

Before you leave home, it’s vital to look closely at your car and make sure it has everything it needs to get through the long drive. It doesn’t have to be complicated - all you have to remember is TLC: Tyres, lubricant and coolant.


These are the only things between you and the road, so you want them to be in the best shape possible. Ensure that they are properly inflated and that you don’t feel any vibration when driving along highways or motorways.

If you do feel vibration, visit any tyre centre in Sydney and have your tyres balanced and checked for tread wear.


Your car needs more than just petrol to run - it needs oil too! Park the car on a level spot, pull the engine oil dipstick out and wipe clean. Dip it again and check the reading - you may need to top up the oil if it’s too low, or you may need to change the oil if it's too dark.


High summer temperatures aren’t ideal for us or for our cars. Your mechanic can drain your car's coolant, check for wear and tear and fill your car with the right coolant in order to prevent any issues when you’re out on the road.

And remember - if you’re ever in doubt about whether your car is ready for its big trip this summer, be sure to ask your local mechanic in Sydney for advice.

Be prepared

While making sure you’ve packed enough underwear and toiletries is important, your car should have a basic emergency kit packed in it too. Some essential items include a first aid kit, jumper leads, tyre gauge, flashlight, spare tyre, wrench and jack.

Schedule regular breaks

You might be eager to get to your holiday destination, but safety comes first. Every two hours, stop to stretch your legs, use the bathroom and swap drivers if you can to ensure you arrive at your final destination safely.

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