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Ask the mechanic: how often should I have my car serviced?

This is a question that is asked frequently, and the answer is that when you should have your vehicle serviced depends on a couple of factors.

You should have your vehicle serviced according to its age, warranty conditions and the time you spend driving the car. For example, if you only drive the car to church on a Sunday and the car is only five to ten years old, then you could get away with only servicing it once a year. That will work for you as long as you do not have to meet the conditions of a warranty.

When you purchase a new car, you will probably have to service your car according to what is in your service manual, and your mechanic needs to sign off on all the work he or she does. If they don’t, the company who provides your warranty can cancel the warranty. This is usually done for a period of five years.

Some secondhand cars are also sometimes sold with a warranty that has the same conditions as a new car; however, you are able to choose the term of the warranty, and usually the maximum is three years.

If you have no warranty conditions to abide by then it is your choice how often you get your mechanic to service your car. Having said that, we would recommend that a car that is ten years or older should be serviced at least every six months. Newer cars can probably be serviced once every nine to twelve months.

An extremely old car such as something twenty-five years or more will need to be serviced at least every three to four months. The reason for this is that the mechanic will most likely be able to nip any potential problems with your vehicle before the car becomes a disaster that costs you a lot of money.

This is also the reason why you should keep getting your car serviced once you have reached the end of your warranty agreement. You might feel as though it is an unnecessary expense, however, the potential for problems get higher the more your vehicle ages.

Have a chat to the mechanics at Reliance Auto Centre in Chatswood, Sydney and we will be able to give your further advice about servicing your vehicle. All the staff at this car repair workshop in Sydney are really friendly and helpful, and are happy to give your their time to offer advice about your vehicle.

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