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Ask the mechanic: How do I change light globes in my car?

Although light globes are a relatively small component of your car, they are one of the most important in terms of safety and must therefore function properly.

Regularly checking your lights is an easy exercise. Simply ask someone to check outside the car while you test the lights, or use a reflective surface to examine whether everything is working as it should.

If your test determines that a light globe needs to be replaced, refer to your car manual for further direction, or follow the steps below for tail lights and head lights.

For tail lights:

1. Remove the cover to access the socket. Covers are generally easy to remove with your hands, using a tab or by unscrewing.

2. Unplug the electrical connector at the back of the light. In some vehicles, the tail lights may need to be removed from the vehicle.

3. Unscrew or unclip the light globe retaining mechanism, which is sometimes a metal ring or a plastic holder. Remove the old globe.

4. Only handle the new globe by its base. Fit the new globe, replace the retaining mechanism that was unclipped in the previous step, and re-plug the connector.

5. Test the new lights to ensure that they are operating correctly.

For head lights:

1. Remove the screws connecting the frame to the bracket, ensuring that you do not turn the adjusting screws.

2. Pull the socket from the headlamp. This disconnects the electrical connector in the back.

3. Remove the head light from the socket and replace with a new head light. Plug the new light into the wire socket, making sure it is positioned the right side up.

4. Put the new head light and socket into the frame, and place the frame back onto the head light bracket.

5. Reattach the screws to hold the frame and bracket in place.

6. Test the new lights to ensure that they are operating correctly.

If you suspect that the replacement has not been installed properly, or would like assistance to have them replaced, call Reliance Auto Centre on 02 9419 2195 to speak with a mechanic that specialises in car repairs in Sydney.

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