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Ask the Mechanic: Why does my car stall at intersections?

A car that stalls at intersections can be incredibly frustrating. There's a few reasons why it happens. Here are three of the most common. You can try diagnosing them yourself. Low automatic transmission fluid levels Many people don't realise that insufficient fluid can be a direct cause of stalling. To find out, park your car…
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33 Brilliant Car Hacks To Improve Your Life

No matter what you are driving – whether it's a 2015 Lamborghini or a 20-year-old Subaru – you can always make the experience better with a little ingenuity. The sun may be blasting you in the eyes, you may not have a single useful cup holder, or you may just want to stop birds from…
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Ask the Mechanic: Why does my car overheat?

Driving in the heat of the Summer can be hard on your car's motor. If it starts overheating, you're likely to get stranded and repairs can get down-right costly. Until you can get your vehicle over to a mechanic to take a look, here are a few things to check yourself. That way, you'll have a good…
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Ask the Mechanic: Why does my engine light keep coming on?

Some people think that the check-engine light is a complete mystery. It's supposed to be a warning about potential troubles and needed auto repairs. There is no definitive one-size-fits-all answer as to why the light is coming on. However, in this "Ask the Mechanic" blog entry we'll cover the top reasons and give you a brief…
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