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Tyre Inspection & Maintenance and Wheel Alignment

Is your vehicle due for registration or need a Tyre inspection or Wheel Alignment?

Reliance Auto Centre is a vehicle centre for all different types of tyre maintenance including:
  • Replacing old tyres with new tyres ensuring they’re roadworthy and safe
  • Tyre rotation ensuring tyres wear evenly and last longer
  • Wheel balancing ensuring a smooth ride and a pro-active safety measure
  • Wheel alignment ensuring a straight and even ride

Our expert technicians will provide a comprehensive check of your vehicle tyres and ensure it meets minimum requirements to be roadworthy.

Our technicians will provide professional advice and keep you updated regarding your vehicle’s tyres during the entire process.

Book a Tyre inspection today with Reliance Auto Centre by filling out the booking form on the right.

When do you need a Tyre inspection or a Wheel Alignment?

  • Tyre inspections are necessary when renewing the vehicle's registration
  • Any vehicle tyres that have driven 10,000 to 15,000 kms
  • Any vehicle that endures an uneven or unbalanced ride when driving

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    Why choose Reliance for your Next Car Service?


    • With over 35 years of automotive experience, our family owned mechanic centre has gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Every technician at Reliance Auto Centre is passionate about what they do and professional every step of the way.


    Local and Convenient

    • The central location in the heart of Chatswood CBD makes it easy to drop-off and pick-up your car. Only a short stroll to the RTA, Chatswood Chase and the train station.


    Log Book Servicing & Warranty

    • All car services at Reliance maintain and uphold your car manufacturer's service schedule, while using the highest quality replacement parts, therefore not compromising the manufacturer's warranty.


    Highest of Quality Parts

    • Taking pride with customers' cars is key at Reliance Auto Centre. To improve and ensure the performance of all car services, only premium oil and replacement parts are used.

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